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In 1976, China's first 200MW unit enclosed busbar was born and used in Liaoning Qinghe Power Plant.

In 1985, the export of the closed busbar of the first 200MW unit in the country was realized and applied to the Gudu power station in Pakistan.

In 1986, it developed the first 300 MW unit enclosed busbar in China and applied it to Shandong Shiheng Power Plant.

In 1986, the company developed the first metal box cable bus product in China and obtained the national patent.

In 1992, it developed the first 600MW closed busbar in China, passed the identification and acceptance of new products by the Ministry of Electrical and Mechanical Services and the Ministry of Energy, and applied Anhui Pingyi Power Plant.

In 1993, a common box insulated busbar was developed and obtained national patents.

In 1995, the project developed a forced air-cooled closed busbar and was used as a major technical equipment development project for the “10th Five-Year Plan”.

In 1997, the company developed the first 700MW unit enclosed busbar in China, which passed the test and appraisal.

In 1998, the company developed the first micro-positive pressure type enclosed busbar in China.

In 2001, the technical research and development work of the 118-meter vertical layout closed busbar of Qingjiang Shuibuya was completed.

In 2001, a camel insulator was developed, which has obtained national patents.

In 2004, a load-breaking PT cabinet was developed.

In 2005, the research and development of forced air-cooled closed busbars was completed. In November, the National Development and Reform Commission organized domestic experts to carry out project acceptance.

In 2005, the R&D of 35kV DMC post insulators was completed and applied to the enclosed busbars of 1000 MW units.

In 2006, the company completed the research and development of the closed busbar of the 1000 MW unit, and passed the appraisal and acceptance of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial Economic Commission and more than 70 power transmission and transformation experts, and applied to the Yuzhong Power Plant.

In 2009, the company successfully developed a closed bus circulation drying device.

2015 Developed a fully insulated cast bus.

2017 Developed shielded insulated busbars.

In 2018, the company successfully developed a closed bus intelligent dehumidification device, which can be applied to the dehumidification of the common box bus and the off-phase bus.

In 2018, the closed busbar products passed the international standard IEC type test.